YES grassroots pressure group All Under One Banner (AUOB) have announced an assembly for like-minded Yessers to join together and formulate new ideas.

Planned for Saturday, February 15, the AUOB Assembly will welcome the Yes movement and help people to co-create ideas, strategies and tactics and strengthen cooperation and development within the movement.

The assembly is hoped to also galvanise the further growth of AUOB marches and rallies across Scotland in 2020.

The National:

As campaigning for Scotland’s right to choose intensifies, All Under One Banner will bring that campaign onto the streets of towns and cities across Scotland throughout 2020. 

Keir Mckechnie, an All Under One Banner organiser said the result of the 2019 General Election "emphasises the imposition of undemocratic rule by Boris Johnson".

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He added: "The voters of Scotland rejected both his regime of brutal austerity and his plans for isolation and inequality. The resulting political situation means that the time is right to secure the future for Scotland.

"All Under One Banner will stage marches and rallies to support the people of Scotland as they assert their right to self-determination.

"All Under One Banner will also host AUOB Assembly to maximise the success of the wider Yes movement in order that #IndyRef2 is held and then Scotland’s independence is secured. This is what AUOB Assembly is all about.”

Karen Jamieson, an All Under One Banner organiser, commented: “AUOB Assembly will bring Yes groups and other interested organisations together at a key moment in the campaign for Scotland’s independence.

"AUOB Assembly will involve presentations, open discussions and co-creation workshops for those who have registered and are invited.”

AUOB Assembly will be held in Glasgow on Saturday 15 February

The link to the event can be found here