THE cause of Scottish independence knows no boundaries and the organisers of marches furth these borders are gearing up for future events.

Advance notice is given for an event being held on Saturday May 30 in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Netherlands for Scottish Independence will hold its fourth annual march and rally for independence on that day. Co-organiser Raimond Dijkstra said: “We are in the middle of contacting potential speakers and musicians and we will keep you posted on that, as soon as they are confirmed.”

He told activists and supporters in Scotland and on the continent: “We hope to see a lot of you there and we hope that we will make it an even bigger and better event than the last three years.”

Already announced for the rally is Borders musician Torcull Kennedy, who has been playing folk music since his teens and has been part of various bands.

The National recently told the story of his Dutch wife Heleen’s encounter with the settled status system, and the couple will no doubt tell their story in The Hague.

The Graham Brown Band is also to appear. Dijkstra explained: “We have been in contact with them for previous events, but could not work out the schedules. And therefore we are very happy and honoured that they are willing and available to play at this year’s rally.”

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Three speakers have also been announced. Cliff Purvis from Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0 will speak as will Duncan MacDonald who has been at the last two rallies and is reported to be bringing his bagpipes again.

Dijkstra added: “The next speaker that we can announce has been called a rebel, a patriot and very outspoken. On a personal note, I call him a friend, which I would stand shoulder to shoulder with in the fight for Scottish independence any day of the year – Mr John Mellon.”

We recently carried the news that nurse Heather Dickson is organising a march for independence on Saturday, March 14, in London, leaving from Regent Square Park at 12 noon and marching to Westminster.

She has received support from Iain Kilgallon of Dunoon who has praised the initiative saying: “Westminster rules us as things stand, there is no getting away from it until we go independent. We can march up and down our nation’s High Streets in our tens of thousands until we are blue in the face, it’s actually what they want us to do, as it keeps it far, far away from the people of England.

“Until the fight is taken to Westminster, then it simply does not have the same effect on public opinion across these islands, as they sit 500 miles south in their ivory towers laughing at the futility of it all as they simply order a media blackout of the unrest and marches.”