SHONA Craven’s article of (Could this be the kind of TV grilling that has Johnson running scared? The National, November 29) is an intelligent and accurate satire on Boris Johnson’s technique of using bluster and piffle when being interviewed.

It is hardly surprising that he is currently taking a rain check on an interview with Andrew Neil. One only has to dip into any moment of the Andrew Neil Tory leadership candidates interview of July 12 with BoJo to recall how truly awful it was.

Ruth Davidson has gloated that Nicola Sturgeon took “a doing” from Mr Neil. The Telegraph described it as a “car-crash interview”. Based on his previous experience, one is led to believe that Mr Johnson’s performance, should it ever transpire, would be, depending on one’s metaphor of choice, a savage mauling, or a multiple pile-up. Bring it on!
Archie Love