Joanna Caskie is an artist based on Mull

What’s the story behind your brand?

My work has really developed from a love of paper. About ten years ago I was on maternity leave and was feeling a bit lost and knew I had to start making something. I saw my baby’s nap time as an opportunity to start exploring this wonderful material after carrying lots of papery ideas around in my head for years!

The National:

Tiny mixed media artwork, £45

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I take a lot of inspiration from the landscape on the Isle of Mull. The colours I tend to use are a reflection of the colours and textures I see around me, from the beach to the sea to the old ruins and sheds dotted around the island.

The National:

Joanna Caskie (Photograph: Fiona Higgins)

What do you make?

I make one-of-a-kind books for other people to fill with ideas, sketches and memories. I also make papier mâché sculptures – usually in the form of little croft houses, with the occasional lighthouse thrown into the mix.

How do you make them?

I have a home studio in our converted attic so everything I produce comes from there and whether I’m making books or wee houses, there are quite a few stages involved.

Most of the books I make are bound with the coptic stitch, which creates a beautiful decorative spine which I leave exposed. I begin with large sheets of paper that are torn down to size, then the covers are wrapped and left to dry. Later, sewing holes are created in the pages and covers and the whole lot is bound together to make a unique book.

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Lightweight art journals, £22

My papier mâché pieces begin with an armature which is wrapped in many layers of paper. Gradually the details are added with paint and collage, and this is when each one’s unique personality starts to develop.

What sets you apart from other makers?

Tricky question! I guess when you work with your hands each piece is special because only you could have made that item in that moment.

What are your most popular products?

Books with recycled maps on the cover are the most popular so far. And out of my papier mâché pieces it’s always a simple white cottage with a red tin roof that seems to hit the spot with most people. I try to change my colour palette but keep coming back to that classic combination!