AN invaluable tool for any Yes group is a map of your area and the whole of Scotland – especially if those maps are beautifully produced and put Scotland in context.

That’s why the work of XYZ Maps of Dalkeith is proving important in the run up to indyref2 and will only help to define Scotland’s place in Europe and the world, not least because this independence-supporting company is not scared to show what the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could look like in a future which does not include Scotland in the state.

The company has also produced a new and very useful map that can double as a poster. It is double-sided and at the very least will be a point of conversation for any individual or organisation wishing to show visitors what the reality of independence might look like.

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The map was published a few weeks ago by XYZ Maps and features a world map on one side and a European Union map on the other. The trick is that both maps show Scotland as an independent country and not part of the UK.

The EU map also shows Catalunya as an independent country that just happens to be attached to Spain, while the remaining “rump” of the UK – is shown as being outside of the European Union as Prime Minister Boris Johnson says we will be on October 31.

Last week Angus Brendan MacNeil, MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, was pleased to accept 36 copies of the new double-sided independent Scotland wall map at an event to discuss Scotland’s currency which took place in the County Hotel in Stornoway.

XYZ handed over the maps so that every SNP MP at Westminster can have a copy in their parliamentary office.

The National suspects any MPs visiting from other parties will be struck by the excellence of the maps and the future for Scotland and rUK which they foretell.

MacNeil said: “I am delighted to accept the gift of the maps and I will share them out among my colleagues this week.

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“I know they will love them and appreciate being able to show people in such an easy way that Scotland is actually larger than the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg combined.”

The National can reveal that Mike Russell, MSP for Argyll and Bute and the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, has a larger version of the EU map framed on the wall of his ministerial office in Edinburgh.

The maps are available at for £12.99 and XYZ and The National is delighted to say that the larger Europe – EU map can be obtained for free by taking out a print subscription to The National during the month of October.