THE SNP have condemned Boris Johnson ’s “unacceptable” Brexit threat after his keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference.

The Prime Minister urged the EU to compromise to reach a Brexit agreement, claiming his government was putting forward "constructive and reasonable proposals" to resolve the deadlock.

The Tory leader insisted the UK was ready to leave without a deal on October 31 if no deal was reached.

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In response, the SNP said Johnson cannot "shift the blame" for his devastating plans for a No-Deal Brexit.

SNP MP Stephen Gethins said: “Boris Johnson’s Brexit ‘take it or leave it’ threat is utterly unacceptable and yet another push towards a catastrophic No-deal exit. It’s clear that if Johnson pursues crashing out of the EU without a deal – hitting jobs, public services and people’s livelihoods – then the blame will lie solely and squarely at the door of the Tory party.

"Boris Johnson is in no position to issue ultimatums to anyone – from Parliament to our EU partners – because he is duty bound to obey the law.”

The Prime Minister outlined his proposals to break the Brexit deadlock in the address to Tory members. He said they would involve no checks at the Irish border and respect the Good Friday Agreement.

But Ireland's deputy prime minister has already suggested the plans had "no basis for an agreement".

The National:

Commenting on the Tory government Brexit strategy, Gethins said: “If this latest proposal – as it is looking increasingly likely – is not acceptable to Brussels or Dublin, then he must seek an extension to the October 31st deadline as the law requires him to do.

“If he does not and instead chooses to flout the law then it is clear beyond any doubt that he must be removed from office without delay.”

Johnson also hit out at the SNP for backing plans to install a temporary PM to oust the Tory leader, prevent No Deal and call for a General Election.

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He went on to criticise the SNP for their management of the fishing industry and argued against a second independence referendum.

Gethins added: “The SNP will do everything we can to prevent a damaging Brexit and protect our economic and social interests. It is vital that other opposition parties put the national interest ahead of party interests and ramp up efforts to get rid of Boris Johnson by uniting around a vote of no confidence, securing an extension and calling an election.

"Scotland has been completely ignored throughout the Brexit process. With the Tories intent on imposing the hardest possible Brexit against our will, it is clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is with independence.”