SCOTLAND was a hot topic in Boris Johnson ’s speech to the Conservative Party conference, hinting at Tory angst over increasing support for another independence referendum.

The Prime Minister hailed Scottish shipbuilding and fishing industries, attacked the SNP, praised Ruth Davidson and condemned plans for indyref2 during his keynote address.

Johnson also urged the EU to compromise to reach a Brexit agreement, claiming his government was putting forward "constructive and reasonable proposals" to resolve the deadlock.

In response, the SNP the Tory leader cannot "shift the blame" for his devastating plans for a No-Deal Brexit.

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Almost immediately in his speech, the PM was onto the subject of Scotland.

"I've been Prime Minister for only 70 days but I've seen so many things that have given me cause for hope,” he said.

A key example of this is shipbuilding in Govan, he said, arguing it is "a testament to belonging to the United Kingdom". He vowed to protect the industry “against those who want only to destroy it".

Johnson then hailed Davidson for her leadership of the Scottish Tories – despite Davidson having cited irrevocable differences with Tory chiefs over Brexit in her decision to quit.

“I say to Ruth Davidson as well thank you for everything you did for the cause of Conservatism and unionism in Scotland – and Ruth, we will honour your legacy too,” the PM said.

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Highlighting UK Government concern about another independence referendum, or huge projected gains for the SNP at the next general election, Johnson attacked the SNP.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party are backing plans for a temporary PM to oust Johnson, prevent No Deal and call for a General Election. Johnson said: "It now appears that the SNP will try to bungle [Jeremy Corbyn] toward the throne they can get on with their programme of national discord..."

With Nicola Sturgeon having pencilled in a second independence referendum for the latter half of 2020, as well as calls at Westminster for a People’ Vote, the Prime Minister warned of the potential “chaos and cacophony of two more referendums”.

Arguing against another plebiscite in Scotland, Johnson said: “A second referendum on Scottish independence, even though the people of Scotland were promised that the 2014 vote would be a once in a generation decision.”

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Next was a bizarre attack on the SNP’s fishing policy, aimed at Alex Salmond, who resigned from the party last year, and Sturgeon.

“We will take back control of our fisheries and the extraordinary marine wealth of Scotland,” the PM said.

“And it is one of the many bizarre features of the SNP that in spite of being called names like Salmond and Sturgeon they are committed to handing back those fish to the control of the EU.

“We want to turbo-charge the Scottish fishing sector; they would allow Brussels to charge for our turbot.”