The National:

A LONG-RUNNING Jouker theory was presented with further evidence today when it emerged yet another Boris Johnson interview had again changed Google search results in his favour. 

Back in June, we wrote about a theory that Johnson - who was running to become Tory leader at the time - had specifically dropped a bizarre claim about "buses" into an interview in order to change the £350-million-for-the-NHS-Brexit-bus associated with him and the mode of transport.

After that incident, Googling "Boris Johnson bus" led to articles about his quirky hobby of building model buses, not the Brexit bus scandal. 

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And just a few weeks back, the Prime Minister's comment about a potential bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland added new fuel to that fire of a theory.

Before that claim, a quick Google of "Boris Johnson bridge" resulted in stories about the absurd failed Garden Bridge vanity project popping up.

The total cost of the failed project was £53 million. The amount that came from the public purse was £43m.

Now the "Boris Johnson bridge" search results in lovely stories about unity between Scotland and Northern Ireland - the Garden Bridge failure has been bumped from the top of the results.

And - coincidentally? - the same thing has happened again. 

Appearing on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, Johnson was asked about his use of language over the past week. He described himself as a "model of restraint" over his choice of words in the Commons.

Over the past few weeks Johnson has been plagued by his links with former model and American business woman Jennifer Arcuri. On Friday, Johnson was referred to the police complaints body to assess whether he should face a criminal investigation over his links with Arcuri.

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The PM has insisted there is “no interest to declare” regarding the association.

Last week Googling "Boris Johnson model" would result in seeing stories about Arcuri - but now, we see more positive stories presenting the PM as a "model of restraint".

We'll investigate this theory further during the week ...