AS we move into critical political times, it’s pretty obvious to me that a massive and frantic campaign across the Unionist media has just started to try to undermine Nicola Sturgeon by insisting she is losing her popularity in Scotland.

This goes hand in hand with continuous distorted attacks on everything Scottish and every area of the Scottish Government’s operation.

Sadly, with the SNP and the case for independence at its highest ever point, some of this bile is being repeated on all social media by a variety of sources.

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Sturgeon is being undermined by the proliferation of false friends we now see online.

She is being undermined by our naive and easily led who are swallowing their rubbish.

And, worryingly in my opinion, she is being undermined by some on our side who know exactly what is going on and are part of it.
David McEwan Hill
Sandbank, Argyll