SCOTTISH independence would bring "all the chaos of Brexit multiplied", Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie has said.

Backing the Union, Rennie told LibDem members at the party conference in Bournemouth that pursuing independence for Scotland "will simply add to our woes", adding: "We need to learn the lessons of Brexit, not repeat the mistakes."

At the weekend, the SNP hit out at the Scottish LibDem leader for his stances on Brexit and Scottish independence.

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“It’s beyond hypocritical for Willie Rennie and Jo Swinson to call for a second EU vote then stand against people in Scotland having their say,” said the party's depute leader Keith Browhn.

At today's conference, Rennie also claimed former Tory prime minister David Cameron had "humiliated our nation".

He argued that current Prime Minister Boris Johnson was "held hostage, a prisoner of Nigel Farage", and added of the Conservatives: "They are doubling down for No Deal, they are expelling their moderates."

Rennie also branded Labour's opposition and position on Europe an "absolute embarrassment".

He drew parallels between Brexit and Scottish independence, urging voters to "imagine the pain of breaking 300-year-old ties".

The party's Scottish leader said: "We can keep Scotland in the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom in Europe. We don't need or want independence.

"Some think independence would allow us to escape Brexit. But it will simply add to our woes. All the chaos of Brexit multiplied, and multiplied again.

"We need to learn the lessons of Brexit, not repeat the mistakes.

"Our ties with Europe are deep and valuable. Our ties in the UK are even deeper and even more valuable.

"Cutting those ties with Europe after 40 years is absolute torture. We should only imagine the pain of breaking 300-year-old ties. And it would be the vulnerable who would suffer most, just like Brexit."

LibDem leader Jo Swinson received a huge boost from members over the weekend when they overwhelmingly backed her plan to revoke Article 50, should she be installed in Downing Street.

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Rennie said his new party leader was "on the march".

He told members: "In the midst of a national crisis, Jo Swinson is rising up. It's time for the old to make way for the new.

"When you look at Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the answer has to be Jo Swinson.

"So Boris [Johnson] and Jeremy [Corbyn] – watch out, Jo is on the march."

He added: "We must stop a no-deal Brexit, but we must stop Brexit, full stop."

Rennie called on Scottish Conservatives to stand up over Brexit or "forever be condemned as a waste of Scottish space".

Addressing Cameron, he added: "You imposed the divisions of your party on our country. You arrogantly believed you could win anything.

"You walked away when it got tough and hid in your shed.

"And you have humiliated our nation.

"David Cameron – you have got a lot to answer for. You should have called your book Honey I Shrunk The Country."