WILLIE Rennie has been accused of hypocrisy after saying his party would block indyref2 even if the SNP and Greens win a majority at the next Holyrood election.

His comments came as the LibDem conference backed a policy of revoking Article 50, stopping Brexit and overturning the 2016 EU referendum result if they win a majority of seats at the next General Election.

The Scottish LibDem leader also said that even if pro-independence parties were to win a majority of seats in Scotland, the LibDems would still reject a request for a Section 30 order from Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP’s depute leader Keith Brown pointed out the contrast in Rennie’s position.

He said: “It’s beyond hypocritical for Willie Rennie and Jo Swinson to call for a second EU vote then stand against people in Scotland having their say.”

In an interview with the Herald on Sunday, Rennie said there should not be another referendum in his lifetime. Asked whether, in the event of the SNP and Greens winning a majority, it would be legitimate for the UK Government to reject another referendum, he said: “Yes, and we would argue very strongly for that at Westminster. Big bang constitutional change is chaotic, damages the economy, and divides the country.”

Rennie claimed that the case for independence is now “weaker”.

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When put to him on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Programme that this wasn’t a very democratic position for a LibDem, the Fife MSP said: “What’s democratic is if people vote for the Liberal Democrats and they vote for us in the understanding that we will oppose another referendum or independence then that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

The party came under fire over the weekend following reports in the Press and Journal that talks were “ongoing” with Boris Johnson’s Tory Party in an attempt to stop the SNP having a “clean sweep” of Westminster seats at the next General Election.

LibDem chief whip Alistair Carmichael was forced to deny the claim his party is in cahoots with the Conservatives.

Brown said that the claims had left the LibDems’ top brass “back-peddling” in the face of public opinion.

“There’s absolutely nothing democratic about teaming up with the Tories in a backroom deal to impose a hard-line Brexit, while openly blocking voters in Scotland from having a say on their own future,” he said.

“Is it any wonder that support for Scottish independence is now at record levels?

“We deserve better than what’s on offer from Westminster, and the Unionist parties can’t stand in the way of the people any longer.”