THE situation regarding Prestwick airport is very disturbing if there is any hint whatsoever of links to Saudi Arabia and the arms trade (Call is made to suspend airport’s US military links, September 11).

I am willing to take Michael Matheson’s word for it that there is no commercial relationship between the Trump Turnberry resort and the airport (whatever that means in fact), but there is still a question mark over possible military involvement, however obscure.

I would like to see the Scottish Government, as it prepares for independence status, start with a clean slate. If we are aiming to create a fair and just society – ipso facto a better world – the last thing we should permit is for it to do a Pontius Pilate act, ie to think that it can relinquish its wider responsibilities with words and not deeds.

Please let us have as little as possible to do with Mr Trump and the USA as it has become, and certainly loosen all ties with Saudi Arabia and its abominable regime.

Janet Cunningham