A MARCH supporting Scottish independence will take place in Berlin next year – two days before the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.

The march is just one of several events being planned in Germany by the organisation Germans for Scottish Independence.

On November 1 this year, they will hold their annual action day in Pößneck, the birthplace of the group. This will include a march through the town and an international conference on Scottish independence.

A party will also be held the evening before the day of action and as Scottish visitors are expected, other events are being organised, such as a brewery tour and a visit to the former German border at Mödlareuth.

The Berlin march is planned for April 4, 2020, and follows a successful march in the city earlier this year.

It will again start at the historic Brandenburg Gate and will stop for a short rally at the UK embassy before marchers head to Alexanderplatz.

“This year thousands of tourists saw us, took pictures and some joined in,” said Marco Görlach, of Germans for Scottish Independence.

“It was a great event – not so much in numbers but in emotions.”

Görlach said the group hope 2020’s turn-out will exceed the estimated 150 who marched this year. “We are working to get more and more Germans on the streets as there are lots supporting Scottish independence,” he said.

“We also want to attract prominent speakers and artists so that we get more media attention.

“The more public support for Scottish independence, the more pressure is put on politicians in Berlin and Brussels.”

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He said any Scots who were interested in attending would be more than welcome. “Anyone who is able to come over please just do it,” said Görlach, who travelled to Scotland in May to attend the All Under One Banner march in Glasgow.

He says he became “crazy” about Scotland after first visiting in 1991 and is now a member of the SNP. The factory worker and trade unionist from Pößneck set up Germans for Independence in the run up to the referendum in 2014.

Germans for Scottish Independence first held a march and rally in Berlin in 2017 and since then the group has been building up support.

The group can be contacted through its Facebook page. Souvenir flags are being sold to help fund events.