CAMPAIGNERS have been urged to support a march for Scottish independence in Berlin – 13 days before the UK is due to exit the EU.

Germans for Scottish Independence will be joined by Italians for Scottish Independence, with input coming from The Netherlands for Scottish Independence. Catalans will also be represented and it is hoped a prominent member of the SNP will address the rally.

Scots are invited to the march which will begin at the historic Brandenburg Gate at 11am on March 16. Those with friends and relatives in Germany are being asked to encourage them to take part.

Two pipers will lead the demonstration, with the organisers inviting others to join in.

Germans for Scottish Independence first held a march and rally in Berlin in 2017 and since then the group has been building up support.

With Brexit looming, organiser Marco Gorlach said the event in March was intended to demonstrate the international character of the independence movement.

Gorlach, a factory worker and trade unionist from Poßneck, said the pro-independence marches in Scotland last year proved the movement was stronger than ever.

“We stand out of conviction behind the vision of a progressive, independent Scotland,” he said. “Together we live the Europe of solidarity, democracy and peace. We are the people’s Europe.”

However, he said that the demonstration in Berlin needed support from as many people as possible.

“We would like to ask our friends in Scotland for their support,” said Gorlach. “Please talk to friends and relatives in Germany. Tell them about our common cause and encourage them to come to Berlin.

“Be the mouthpiece of our group and spread the word about out demonstration wherever possible.

“In Germany we do not get much publicity and we need to try to get as many people to Berlin as possible,” he said.

“Help us to reach people in Germany. We stand for a peaceful and solidarity Europe for the people and our group officially is against Brexit.”

Gorlach says became “crazy” about Scotland after first visiting in 1991 and is now a member of the SNP.

He set up Germans for Independence in the run up to the referendum in 2014 but was shocked when he was then abused online by “Britnats”.