THURSDAY’S National once again highlighted a case being pursued by the Unionist Home Office against a hard-working Scottish citizen, namely Lizanne Zietsman who runs a very successful catering business on the island of Arran (Home Office tells businesswoman on Arran to leave UK, July 4).

Once again I get the bad taste of Wastemonster’s dirty trick department conducting a campaign against Scotland’s rural economy, for this deportation will probably lead to the closure of not one but at least two successful businesses with the resultant job losses. The other casualty could well be the small craft bakery which supplies half of it daily output to the Sandwich Bar.

This leaves me asking, are the Home Office conducting similar campaigns in England, eg Bradford? I would also like to know why Jeremy Hunt’s Chinese wife is not being pursued in a similar fashion? But oh, silly me she is married to the Foreign Secretary and also doesn’t run a successful business in rural Scotland!

Sign David Innes’s Petition to Sajid Javid on 38 Degrees – I have.

Charlie Gallagher