A GREEN MSP has become the latest Scottish politician to support calls for Cineworld to reverse its decision not to screen the new Robert the Bruce film in Scotland.

Ross Greer spoke out after the world’s second-largest cinema chain was met with a furious backlash from Scots on social media.

He added to complaints from SNP MSP Willie Coffey and MP Carol Monaghan after Cineworld confirmed it would not show the Braveheart spin-off.

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Former first minister Alex Salmond called on the chain to “think again”, as he called for others to show their support on social media using #ScreenTheBruce.

Angus Macfayden, co-wrote and stars in the new Bruce epic, said Cineworld did not respond when offered the film.

Greer took to Twitter to question cinema bosses’ possible motives for not screening the film in any of Cineworld’s nine Scottish theatres.

He said: “A movie about Robert the Bruce doesn't have commercial appeal in Scotland? Really?”

He was keen to stress that his concerns were based on a desire to see Scotland’s film sector thrive.

“Would be nice to have a discussion about supporting the film & TV industry without it becoming another indyref proxy,” he tweeted.

“I'm looking forward to watching this & it's not because I voted Yes.”

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Some Scots social media users have announced a boycott of Cineworld, with others cancelling membership cards.

More than 1000 people have also signed a petition to "formally request the movie to be shown across Scotland".

Glasgow North West MP Monaghan demanded answers from Cineworld.

“I am just hearing that @cineworld cinemas appear to have decided not to show the new Robert the Bruce film,” she tweeted.

“Cineworld, could you please confirm and explain your reasons for this decision?”

Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley MSP Coffey shared his concerns on Facebook.

He said: “We are hearing that Cineworld has banned the showing of the film. My colleague Carol Monaghan MP has asked them to explain.

“If true, what a bunch of bungling eejits they are. A masterstroke in publicity for the film. And all it will do is bring 1000s more to the cause of independence. So thanks Cineworld. Keep up the good work for the cause.”

Robert The Bruce explores the early months of the outlawed leader's resistance against King Edward.

Despite being released nearly 25 years after Mel Gibson's Oscar-winning epic, the new film is said to "pick up where Braveheart left off a thrilling, brutal and breath-taking fashion".

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Macfayden, who reprises his role as Bruce in the new film, has urged Scots to “fill every cinema seat in Scotland” to “prove Cineworld wrong”.

Speaking exclusively to The National, the actor, who is a strong supporter of Scottish independence, said Cineworld “didn’t deign to answer” when offered the film.

He added: “From my understanding, it appears that Cineworld are refusing to show the film, saying it’s a Netflix film – weird since we’d never sell it to Netflix knowing they’d bury it deep to protect their own Outlaw King.”