ANGRY Scots anxious to see the new film about Robert the Bruce can forget going to watch it at the giant Cineworld chain.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond was among those calling on the world’s second-largest cinema operators to revise its decision not to show Angus Macfadyen’s film about the warrior king who won Scotland’s independence – in the one country where it might be expected to be viewed by a sizeable proportion of the population.

As the chain with most screens in Scotland, including Glasgow’s Renfrew Street Cineworld which has the largest customer base in the UK, Cineworld’s agreement with a film’s distributors is most sought after.

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The news was broken on social media by people who had called their local Cineworld to ask why Robert the Bruce was not being shown.

One would-be filmgoer was told “it’s a decision taken by management down south”. SNP MP Carol Monaghan took to Twitter, writing: “I am just hearing that Cineworld cinemas appear to have decided not to show the new Robert the Bruce film.

“Cineworld, could you please confirm and explain your reasons for this decision?”

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The National can reveal that Cineworld may be reviewing the decision due to the backlash against it, but there was no reversal by the time we went to press.

Macfadyen, who played Robert the Bruce in Braveheart 25 years ago and fought for years to continue the story, tweeted: “Be interesting to hear why Scots in Scotland cannot see this film about our own local hero Robert the Bruce.

“We await your reason Cineworld. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, as the Bruce once said.”

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Speaking exclusively to The National, Macfadyen, who is a strong supporter of Scottish independence, said: “I can confirm that they were offered the film, but didn’t deign to answer.

“From my understanding, it appears that Cineworld are refusing to show the film, saying it’s a Netflix film – weird since we’d never sell it to Netflix knowing they’d bury it deep to protect their own Outlaw King.”

Macfadyen has also taken to task the Rotten Tomatoes internet review aggregator site which can make or break a film.

He said: “The only reviews showing are one or two-star reviews written to destroy the film’s chances, and none of the mostly favourable reviews are being published. It kinda stinks, quite frankly.

“Once again, the Bruce is the underdog, but in reality we have the empire on the run, I can smell their fear 400 miles away. May the force be with us.”

The National:

Salmond called on Cineworld to “think again”, as he called for others to show their support on social media using #ScreenTheBruce.

He said: “Long-held beliefs in violence and anger as the only way to change things, to make the world better, are disputed in masterful fashion in this telling of the story of Robert Bruce, King of Scots, and his heroic journey.”

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Going by social media reaction to the “no-show” decision, Macfadyen may have plenty of other backers for his film, which tells the story of how a wounded Robert the Bruce is being hunted and takes refuge with a peasant family who save him and inspire him to free Scotland.

The Black Saltire tweeted: “Update, Cineworld have confirmed this is a Scotland-wide snub of the film from the company. The manager I spoke to from HQ told me they still might reversethe decision.”