Panellists on the Jeremy Vine show discussed reports that Gordon Brown has warned if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister support for independence could surge.

Paul Burrell, Princes Diana’s former butler, says the report is “food” for Nicola Sturgeon before displaying his intimate knowledge of Scotland’s constitutional debate.

Here's the full transcript:

Paul Burrell: The United Kingdom should remain together. This is food for Nicola Sturgeon, isn't it? I mean, she would love to read this this morning, saying that Scotland will have devolution.

I think that the United Kingdom is stronger together, than they are apart. I mean, for goodness sakes, Scotland by itself… how is it going to survive? It has...

What does it have? Oil, and a monster in a lake.

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Jeremy Vine: Loch Ness.

Burrell: Yeah. And?

Storm Huntley: Whisky? Wind power?

Nicola Maclean: Irn-Bru?

Huntley: It's got Irn-Bru. That really only sells in Scotland, to be fair. Shortbread? Tartan? Bagpipes?

Vine: Is there someone in the audience from Scotland who can defend this? That Scotland can survive on its own?

Andrew Edwards, do you think Scotland could survive on its own?

Edwards: No.

Huntley: I think we've fallen into a danger zone there.

Vine: It's not a danger zone, it needs to be discussed.

Burrell: You're right, it would hurt the Queen, because she… her Commonwealth and the United Kingdom is her life. That's why she's there.

Vine: But it might be it's not about money? It might be, if you're Scottish, you just want your country back.

Carole Malone: But you don't, because every time they do a poll it says that the figures now for staying within the union are higher than they were at the time of the referendum. So no, people don't want to leave.

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Vine: Paul, you don't think they could survive on their own anyway?

Burrell: I wouldn't like to see them be detached from the United Kingdom. I think they belong to the United Kingdom, and they are better off being part of it.


Burrell: But getting back to the Queen, of course, the Queen loves Scotland. Her favourite home is in Scotland. Balmoral. She would not want that to be ta… detached from the United Kingdom.

Vine: How would they take it out? Remove Balmoral?

Burrell: What would our flag look like?

Vine: Well I think she would still be in Scotland, it would be like Canada, wouldn't it?

Burrell: She would go overseas for her holidays.