AMY Macdonald has issued a furious rebuke to Unionists after it was claimed Scotland would not “survive” as an independent nation.

The Scottish singer-songwriter hit out on social media after a panellist on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show ridiculed the prospect of Scottish independence.

Macdonald also revealed that she turned down a request to appear on the BBC’s flagship politics programme, Question Time, amid frustration at a “patronising” attitude towards Scotland.

On Jeremy Vine, which aired on Tuesday, Princes Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell was asked to comment on reports that Gordon Brown has warned if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister Scots would opt for a Yes vote.

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Seemingly confusing independence with devolved power, he said: “She [Sturgeon] would love to read this this morning that Scotland will have devolution.”

Burrell continued: “I think that the United Kingdom is stronger together than they are apart.

“I mean, for goodness sake, Scotland, by itself? How’s it going survive? It has … what does it have? … oil, and a monster in a lake … and … whisky.”

He later added: “I wouldn’t like to see them [Scots] detached from the UK. I think they belong to the UK and that they’re better off being part of it.”

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Warned by Host Vine that his comments may invite the ire of Scottish viewers, Burrell said: “Don’t shout at me.”

Fellow panellist Carole Malone also claimed support for Scottish independence has decreased since the 2014 independence referendum.

Recent YouGov polling for the Times found 49% of voters backed independence. And a Panelbase survey published last week showed that figure jumps to 53% if the overwhelming favourite Johnson becomes PM.

Responding on Twitter, Macdonald said: “If Scotland is this f***ing s***e then why do these folk want us to stay so much?

“This government won’t subsidise an extra bedroom for those in need but it’s happy to subsidise an entire country? Absolutely sick of this patronising crap.”

The Scot, who led a huge social media backlash against the comments on Jeremy Vine, said her “rant” had been “triggered” by the video.

In the same twitter Thread, she suggested the “patronising” attitude towards Scotland had fuelled a decision to turn down a Question Time slot.

“I got asked to go on Question Time a few weeks ago,” she said. “I turned it down. Not hard to see why...”