I HAVE no tears for Theresa May as she resigns. She was a racist and reactionary Home Secretary and a racist and reactionary Prime Minister. Also, as a former MEP and a long-time student of politics she is the worst political leader I have seen in 50 years as a speaker, as a campaigner and as a human being! However her likely successor Boris Johnson promises to be even worse; in addition to racism he is a charlatan and a liar.

The people of Scotland will then be faced with a choice: will they be ruled by a racist charlatan in London or will they choose independence? I believe they will choose independence, but if we don’t get it now then we never will!

Hugh Kerr (MEP 1994-99)

As I listened to Theresa May talk of the success of her government service I thought about the rising levels of poverty and homelessness and the hardship delivered during her tenure in office.

As I listened to Theresa May talk about compromise, I was reminded of her “red lines” and the repeated refrain, from those who attempted to negotiate with her at home and in the rest of the EU, that she was incapable of compromise.

As I listened to Theresa May talk of democracy and use it to justify her Brexit vision, I know that belief does not extend to the democratic choices of the Scottish people in three consecutive elections.

And, as I listened to Theresa May name her departure date, I actually cheered, out loud.

Her lack of awareness of her catastrophic premiership is frightening. It will be forgotten asap. Unfortunately, however, her damaging legacy will linger on.

Iona Easton

I’M sure I’m not the only one to have noticed the bitter irony of Nicholas Winton, who saved the lives of hundreds of children, being referenced by Theresa May in her self-justifying resignation speech, a politician whose flagship Universal Credit policy has pushed far more children into poverty than Winton managed to save.

Derek Ball