I FOLLOW some blogs, and on occasion I feel motivated to make a comment about something I read. The other week I did this and got into a discussion with a gentleman who was adamant that the 2014 indyref was lost because of the English voters who took part.

He took a very anti-English stance to the position that in a future indyref, English-born voters should be excluded. He refused to say whether or not his view extended to other non-Scottish-born voters, or only to the English. I pointed out, as I have done in these pages, that Scottish-born members of my family voted against independence and are possibly still minded to vote that way. I also suggested a residency qualification as in rugby, but to no avail. I realised that I was getting nowhere as he seemed to be incapable of reasoned debate, just anti-English ranting.

Although he made himself out to be a supporter of independence, I have to wonder if he was just the opposite – a Trojan horse – a cyberyoon? – using the technique of Theresa May to bludgeon those with opposing views into submission.

Maybe, if we are to have good online debate, we need to have people exposing themselves, not hiding behind fantasy or false names. Without honesty who can we trust?

Robert Mitchell