DEAR (oh dear) Ruth Davidson – a couple of millennia back, Pilate asked for the meaning of truth. Well, let’s fast-forward to your Wail on Sunday (yes, Wail’s the word) Tory condemnation of “education struggles, NHS strains, and police issues”.

But may we ask: in which country of the precious union does that summary really and truly sum things up?

DO come back to Holyrood on Thursday and stay to answer Pilate’s question. Or put on a show, if you prefer.

Jack Newbigging

RUTH says that Nicola doesn’t have a “domestic record worth talking about”. An untrue assertion of course.

Meanwhile the only record that Ruth has is a broken one and it’s called “No Divisive Indyref2”. Sounds like she’s spent the last six months refining her faux outrage.

Stephen Duncan