FURTHER to your editorial backing the Growth Commission’s currency plans, you state that the people who matter most are the undecided voters and soft Nos. However, I think the most important people are the 45% who voted Yes first time; the primary task of the indy movement is to consolidate their support, and from that base reach out.

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If we replicate the neo-liberal policies of the UK, how many people will we sicken? How enthusiastic are people going to be with austerity Scotland replacing austerity UK? The point of independence is to leave these failed models behind, and forge our own way for the 21st century.

I hope that a wee bit more compromise, such as a definitive date to end using the pound, would help ameliorate any impasse, and at least assure people who don’t agree that we will not be trapped indefinitely into a style of exchequership that does not reflect the aspirations of the independence movement.

Andrew Aitken
Wick, Caithness