THE Leave campaign in Westminster has adopted a new slogan, “believe in Britain”, which translates as “bollocks to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar”.

Remainers do believe in the UK, that is why they understand that keeping a close relationship with the EU is an essential element of the UK’s economy, giving us access to 124 trade deals, many of which are tariff free. What is wrong with the UK benefitting from the deals negotiated by the army of skilled negotiators in the EU, some of whom are British?

Isn’t it time for the Leave campaign to apologise for the misleading statements made during the referendum which are still perpetuated daily. For example, £350 million per week multiplies by three the actual net contribution without accounting for the huge saving to industry in administration costs.

Regaining sovereignty is also a myth because the Leavers want to remove the small amount we concede to Europe and give it or more to the US. Often I hear the episode of deporting the radical Islamic cleric used as a reason for wanting rid of the European Court of Justice forgetting, conveniently, that Mrs May’s Home Office three times made a botch of defending her decision by not taking into account British, European and International law regarding torture. There are many more examples of fake news.

Further integration of the EU towards a United States of Europe, which is the ambition of European president-in-waiting Monsieur Macron, may well lead to future revolutions. Ergo, the best of all worlds is remaining in the customs union and ignoring the ridiculous claims by the hard-right wing of MPs that the UK can negotiate better trade deals than we already have, which is their only known plan.
Mike Underwood

SO, we have to wait until Brexit pans out and the UK sorts itself out – and possibly it will go the way those of us who are fighting (and dreaming) for independence, want it to go.

Then, maybe, we will have to wait, until the rest of the UK is happy (or maybe even, unhappy) and then after that we will possibly be given the signal to start the fight we all want to have.

More possibly not, of course, and we’ll be back to exactly where we were after the EU referendum, with the rest of the UK voting to leave the EU.

That means that Theresa May’s replacement will be telling us that it was a UK referendum (again)

and our leaders will bleat a wee bit, but will swallow that – again. Basically, history shows, Scotland voted to stay in the EU and since then, our leaders have been quoting the 62% Remain vote.

But we really can’t have that argument, as we accepted the UK line that we are all British and it was a British referendum. At what point will we stand up and say what we should have said at the beginning? We are Scotland and we voted to stay in the EU, but we are being dragged out against our will.

If that hasn’t changed, why on earth wasn’t it a clincher of an argument, the first time it happened – and what will be different, if it happens again?

Every time we see a chance of victory in our quest for freedom, we run up a close!

The democratic fight is out there, on the streets and definitely not in Westminster, where our representatives are insulted

ignored and generally shown to be of no consequence, by the way they are disregarded.

Perhaps the Irish (Sinn Fein) had it right when they refused to play the Westminster game and didn’t even bother turning up. At least, they still have their integrity.

Meanwhile, back in Scotland, we find that it is not Theresa May, who is saying “Now, is not the time”.

Apparently, we are waiting for the opposition to get themselves sorted out, so they can, once more, present a united front against us. What happened to attacking the enemy when they are at their weakest?

Strangely, I think there’s only one way to approach a fight and it is not with the intention of coming out of it, second best.

The opposition despite their internal differences, will unite to take us on and all of their past in-fighting, will be forgotten at the chance to devour us; the last of their colonies, to show they still have what it takes to give the natives a bloody good thrashing.

So the question really is: will we fight?

The time for “When will we fight?” is passing us by and we are the nice, non-belligerent Scots who will wait until the opposition has recovered from their present, self-inflicted wounds and then they won’t hesitate to take us on.
Harry Bickerstaff
St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire

I HAVE just been watching The House of Commons BBC Parliament program on April 10. Bill Grant, Conservative MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock stated that Scotland will “host the entire Royal Navy submarine fleet on the Clyde in 2020”.

I am absolutely gobsmacked at this. Is this England giving us more nuclear junk which will be eventually added to the existing submarines rotting at Rosyth, so removing them from England?

If so will they take them all back when we have independence?
George Neilson

WE’RE now into second half extra time. It’s a real pressure cooker. SNP in the penalty area. Will they get played offside, lose the ball on a British break, or shoot and score?
David Campbell
via email

JOHN Kelly misrepresents me in Thursday’s National (Letters, April 11). He attributes to me an argument I didn’t make while avoiding my clear comment that the religious opponents of a legislative change don’t represent the majority of Scots.
Archie Drummond