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Richard Leonard had a good laugh at First Minister's Questions today – but at his own expense.

The Scottish Labour leader had raised an important point about the heartbreaking choices families in poverty are having to make due to Tory austerity.

It was a topic heavily discussed at FMQs, with plenty of serious debate.

Nicola Sturgeon agreed with Leonard that it showed why May needed to go, adding: “I look back to 2014, and I reflect on the fact that if Labour hadn’t teamed up with the Tories to stop Scotland becoming independent, we wouldn’t have had a Tory prime minister for these last few years.”

Being subjected to brutal Tory austerity measures has always been a key motivation for independence.

Leonard could see that, and, given his Unionism, hit back, referring to Sturgeon's selfie with Alastair Campbell at the People's Vote march in London: "Well, the First Minister was teaming up with some interesting people at the weekend, I notice."

Her microphone may have been off, but it was still clear enough that Sturgeon replied: "I met your party! I met a member of your party!"

The SNP benches were falling off their seats laughing. And while the Labour MSPs were able to keep straight faces, Leonard seemed to realise what he'd walked into.

The branch office manager started cracking up, and even an intervention from the Presiding Officer didn't ease his smirk, as he struggled to get his words out.

We'd recommend the full clip, but a couple of pictures tell a few thousand words.

The National:

The National:

At least he's got a sense of humour. It'll help, when your party leader is busy ruining your chances of winning the election in Scotland...

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