IN the 21st century we find ourselves in Catalonia with political prisoners. The brutal repression is due to the unchanging position of the central government.

Last week, the former Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, the vice-president, and the former interior minister testified as witnesses. They answered the questions by the political prisoners’ lawyers with a great lack of veracity. Regarding disproportionate police charges, they responded not to have knowledge of police operations. Nor did they recognise the violence by security forces, when the images of such a disgrace went around the world. One of the victims lost an eye when a rubber ball fired by a policeman hit him; and this is especially poignant because these weapons are banned in Catalonia.

Catalan politicians are internationalising this cause, since Spain wants to make this great injustice invisible.

A new UN Human Rights Council report accuses the Spanish authorities of violating human rights, and speaks of deficiencies in this trial.

We are asking for the acquittal of our politicians and a democratic solution that allows us to choose our future.

Lola Salmeron