AS the Brexit clock is ticking ever louder, we should ponder the consequences of extending Article 50 – a situation that should not have been necessary, especially here in Scotland as we voted Remain.

But due to the incompetent government at Westminster all options must now be on the table including extending Article 50. Just around the corner are EU elections scheduled for May 23-26. As the UK is leaving the EU on March 29 there is no requirement to take part in those elections. However, if Article 50 is extended for as little as three months, do we enter the elections? A more serious situation may be awaiting the EU constitutionally should Article 50 be extended for six months. This would take us past the initial inaugural plenary session of the newly elected EU Parliament (June 2).

So, assuming the UK does not hold EU elections and our current MEPs are no longer in post, what is the situation for the EU constitutionally with 28 members, but only 27 member states having MEPs and voting rights? Extending Article 50 may not only have implication for the UK!

Catriona C Clark