YOUR front page headline, “Costa’s refusal to take Scots banknotes sparks outrage” (February 6) brought back memories of a colleague, a lawyer, who went to meet up with friends in a well-known university town in England.

They met in an hotel bar and my colleague ordered a round of large gin and tonics with lemon. The waiter arrived with the gin, and a sliver of lemon in the glass and small bottles of tonic already opened and a small amount already poured.

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When my colleague proffered a Scottish banknote the waiter responded by saying that they did not accept Scottish banknotes. He responded by suggesting that he, the waiter, should return the order to the bar and put the contents back into the appropriate bottles. The manager was called and said that in this instance he would make an exception and accept the Scottish bank note.

As for the stooshie at Costa Coffee, perhaps in future customers should check that they have the necessary Bank of England currency, or euros, to pay the bill!

Thomas L Inglis