OKAY, I will admit up front that I am biased. I know that all library staff are excellent and no matter where I have lived they have all been super helpful, even when my returns have been late.

However, my formative years were spent in Pollokshaws and from the age of seven I would frequently go to my local library to escape, and to learn about what happened or happens outside of Glasgow.

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I nearly spat a mouthful of my coffee out when I read your article about Tommy Stephen Robinson (or whatever other names he goes by) standing outside my old local library filming a self-promoting vlog. Truly, Tommy/Stephen, what a missed opportunity. If only you had the courage to put away the phone and walk up those stairs, you would have been made very welcome and perhaps had a life-changing experience by learning something new.

Having walked through those doors you would have been presented with three simple decisions. Straight ahead, welcoming and knowledgeable staff to assist you. To your left, the kiddies’ section where you may, due to being a little nervous, have been more comfortable adjusting to the environment. Finally, to your right, the grown-up section, all classified for quick identification for preferences.

History, where you could learn about the English royal family and their extended European breeding programme that lead to global empire-building and a family feud that lead to a devastating world war that laid the foundations for a second one.

Politics, Mein Kampf – naw, you will have read that I suspect – but its availability might have assured you of what truly egalitarian places libraries are. The Diary of Anne Frank – that one is a real eye-opener.

Self-improvement, how to overcome narcissistic tendencies through anger management, the list of categories are endless and you could have spent hours in their just losing yourself.

I understand that you are also ex-army. Well I have to say that I am not at all impressed with your reconnaissance skills. You could have used the local map section (again, in the library) and that would have told you that a mere 200 yards up the road was Pollokshaws Social Club (aka Pollokshaws Orange Hall) where people that you definitely would have been more comfortable with would have made you feel right at home. You might have even got a free pint in there due to your special status.

Sadly, it appears to me that it has been an altogether wasted trip for you. It could have been so much more.

So the next time you visit Scotland, remember: every visitor to our welcoming and tolerant society brings joy – some when they come, and some when they go.

Des McFarlane

I WRITE with reference to your article “Far-right thug stalks SNP MP at library surgery” (January 19), which detailed the attempts by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, to disrupt the constituency surgery of Stewart McDonald MP.

I am one of Stewart McDonald’s constituents and, along with my elderly mother, was at the library speaking with Mr McDonald about a personal matter. We concluded our business just as the police arrived and we left just before Yaxley-Lennon arrived.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Stewart McDonald did exactly the right thing and acted to protect his constituents from a potentially dangerous extremist with a history of criminal thuggery. Members of the public are entitled to visit their elected representatives’ surgeries without fear or intimidation, and I for one applaud Stewart McDonald’s actions in this regard.

Adrian Fletcher