READER Ross Walker, co-editor of Revolution Scotland magazine (Letters, January 17), humorously tries to portray dithery Corbyn as some kind of “revolutionary” Angel Islington fudge factory and Sloan Ranger who’s aspirational dud reforms will lead the workers of the world into some kind of revolutionary solidarity all at the same time, all over the world on the same day. Who? Him?

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“For example”, he quotes, “Tower Hamlet Momentum Branch in East London recently passed a motion in favour of a new independence referendum”. Is he ‘arving a giraffe? Who does he think just subsidised the London giant sewage extension system that allows all these endless London motions to pass into the Thames? As editor of Scottish Workers Republic, may I humbly beg to differ and remind him that Jeremiah constantly refused to work with the progressive SNP on anything and prefers to work with the fellow Unionist, reactionary DUP in the Wastemonster Gasworks emissions instead?

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The future is Mhairi Black‘s, not Foster’s Orange, or Corbyn’s Union Jack. Corbyn is going nowhere. He missed his chance to vote with the Tory rebels against Theresa’s Mayday Mayhem a couple of weeks ago. He is now in a different time zone from his Parliamentary colleague’s programme of a full English Brexit, afore he can possibly manage a general dysfunctional election. That ship has sailed doon the Thames on the Wastemonster cludgie boat, with all his other Labour motions.

Corbyn did not even mention Scotland in his recent Labour Party hot air conference in Blackpool, except to slag off Nicola Sturgeon, whose Scottish Government has left him so far behind in the reform stakes.

There can be no excuse for any “revolutionary” leader to support Trident under any circumstances. Apart from sheer principle (remember them?), Trident is situated 20-odd miles from the heart of Scotland’s de-industrial population. Is the editor of “Revolution“ old enough to remember the old Viscount, Tory Wedgwood Benn, minister of technology in (Lord) Harold Wilson’s white hot technological revolutionary government? He actually built more nuclear power stations than the Tories in office.

Corbyn’s brand of fudge may be popular with Byres Road Unionist Guardian revolutionaries. But, the convictions of Guardian’s boy revolutionary unionist, Owen Jones, will be just as popular in Maryhill Road as a Corbyn cabbage in Greggs,or a vegan roll in Manchester, or the latest convictions in The Digger.

Glesga’s John MacLean and Embra’s James Connolly not only stood out against the crumbing Great Brutish Eval Empah, but against the wishy-washy Brit Nat socialists of their day. None then, or now, could haud a caunel tae thaim. All opposed their Scottish Workers Republic aspirations. Some “revolutionaries”.

Donald Anderson

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I HAD to look twice at Ross Walker’s contribution yesterday. Apparently by attacking Jeremy Corbyn the SNP is harming its own case.

Is this the Jeremy Corbyn that has several times refused SNP offers of cooperation? Is this the Jeremy Corbyn that leads a party that has agreed to continue inflicting nuclear weapons on the Clyde? Is this the Jeremy Corbyn whose party in Scotland spends all its time and energy attacking the SNP in the Scottish Parliament while the Tory Party, which the Labour Party was formed to oppose, sits smugly, egging them and on avoiding all scrutiny. Is this the Jeremy Corbyn whose Scottish soldiers have gone into coalition with Tories in councils all over Scotland to keep the progressive SNP out of power in them?

It is Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party that is harming its own case and destroying Labour in Scotland, not the SNP, and as we move into the end game it will be Scotland and the SNP against the Tories.

Dave McEwan Hill

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IN response to Ross Walker, George Kerevan may be mindful of what happened in Greece when socialist party Syriza was swept to power in rejection of the more right-wing party’s austerity agenda. Their leader Alexis Tsipras then went on to impose a much more extreme austerity policy than any of the opposition parties were offering. It is right to be aware of the possibility that Jeremy Corbin is a similar Trojan horse.

Bob McTavish

WHY did Jeremy Corbyn wait until the Prime Minister’s exit deal had been killed off before calling a motion of no confidence in the government? If he had listened to the SNP and called it weeks ago, ie just after Mrs May pulled the first vote, he might well have won because the DUP and some Tory members were very angry with her stubborn defence of a deal nobody wanted. Mr Corbyn’s analytical and tactical nous is wanting and he should listen to the SNP more often.

Mike Underwood