THE days are getting longer and thoughts are turning to nights out in our camper van. It should be easy but it is actually really stressful finding nice places to stay.

The density of campsites is low and there is overcrowding around destinations like Skye. We are not so keen on wild camping. Our van doesn’t have a loo and it is hardly a holiday to sleep where you may not be welcome, no matter what your rights may or may not be.

Rural Scotland actuallyfeels pretty hostile to camper vans. This is crazy when over 80% of Scots live in urban areas and we have vast expanses of beautiful countryside.

Where is the Airbnb for pleasant places to stop in a van? It could be a nice earner for land owners to charge for what is little more than a parking spot and access to a loo Both hosts and guests could rate each other to weed out the bad apples. Is it planning rules or land ownership that stops this happening? Is there an entrepreneur out there who could make it happen? Preferably by about April as I’m getting stir-crazy.

What do National readers think? How should rural Scotland domesticate the camper van?

Roger Hyam