The National:

AS if things couldn't get any more embarrassing for Theresa May.

As if coming back with a Brexit deal that no-one was happy with and bungling along as though everything is fine because it’s the only alternative to a no-deal Brexit wasn’t humiliating enough.

As if cancelling the so-called meaningful vote on her Brexit deal around 24 hours before it was due to take place wasn’t shameful enough for her.

As if everyone’s cringe pipes hadn’t been strained enough by her stubborn refusal to admit she’s finished and by her audacity to stand up in front of her peers and pretend that this is all business as usual wasn’t … you get the point.

Well just to stick a nice big sour cherry on top of May’s unappetising cake, the Prime Minister reportedly spent almost £100,000 promoting her Brexit plan on Facebook advertising.

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And that doesn’t include the amount that was spent on other platforms such as Google and Twitter where adverts could also be found.

According to The New European, Facebook’s reporting showed that between Sunday December 2 and Saturday December 8 the Government spent £96,684 on 11 promotions.

This included videos such as What The Brexit Deal Means For You – explained in 60 Seconds, and others aimed at each of the nations with devolved governments.

That’s right, what came close to a six-figure sum was spent on a deal that we were told was the only deal in town, only for it to be ripped up and for us to be told that it is unacceptable and that we will have to get ourselves a new deal.

Something like that. As always the Prime Minister has been rather sketchy on the details of how we proceed from here.