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YOU'D think that this week more than any other the Tories would at least try to pretend they are united on Brexit

It's no secret that many in Theresa May's party are unhappy with her Brexit deal and many plan to display their discontent by voting against her plan at tomorrow's meaningful vote.

But it seems that some are far too self-interested to let party loyalty enter their thinking.

Step forward Ross Thomson, the gift that just keeps on giving, who this time has taken aim at stand-in Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw for a comment piece he wrote in today's Daily Mail.

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When he's not being fooled into voicing his concern about clearly made-up drugs apps, Boris Johnson's poodle is snapping at the heels of those who dare back the PM on Brexit.

Carlaw's piece, entitled PM's Deal Is The Best Way To Keep The Union Together, does exactly what it says on the tin ... but Thomson wasn't having any of it.

"Rubbish," he tweeted. Adding: "The PM’s deal is a risk for the Union. It treats NI like a third country, leaves NI in the single market, leaves it under a foreign court and creates new customs checks on goods moving between GB and NI – A border down the Irish Sea. The @ScotTories used to oppose that."

Now while we aren't fans of May's Brexit deal either, it seems that Thomson and co won't be happy until we crash out of the EU without a deal and the UK is plunged into a prolonged period of uncertainty.