I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Jim Daly (Letters, December 3) that the voters of England ought to have their decision respected, just as Scots, the Northern Irish and the Gibraltarians should theirs. The present arrogant, dictatorial imposition of England’s choice on everyone else is the direct result of the choice made by David Cameron, who rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal that the result should show a majority in all parts of the UK, not just of a single numerical total.

The UK as a political unit is made up of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, with what might be regarded as associate members, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and part of Cyprus. Considered this way, it is clear that more parts of the UK voted Remain than Leave, and so the common sense of Nicola’s proposal is obvious.

If we look back at 2014, we see Westminster stated categorically that if Scotland wished to go it alone, rUK would remain in the EU and retain all the advantages while Scotland would have to leave. If England alone of the constituent parts of the UK wishes to leave the EU, should this scenario not equally pertain here too? Would that not respect the sovereignty of the people in each part?

Might I propose, therefore, that we should be looking to ensure that England leaves and, as decreed in 2014, the rUK remains in the EU as per their respective votes? I am sure that we in this new rUK could rub along quite well together, once the dead hand of Westminster is removed!

Incidentally, I am not at all confident that Theresa May will lose the vote on the 11th, as history shows that Tories, however much they hate any proposal, will always cave in at the last moment to save their grip on power.

P Davidson

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JIM Daly takes a different view from myself on Nicola Sturgeon’s recent increased concentration on halting Brexit. He would prefer a more immediate focus on independence.

Jim asks why Scots should intervene in England’s electoral choices for party or on EU membership. The answer is because we are not independent yet but, even if we were, as good neighbours we would be entitled to a view and correct to express it firmly. I travel to Europe a lot and am not silent or quiescent there about the rise of right-wing populism and arguably incompetent politicians of the left wing like Italy’s Beppe Grillo. Dark forces there are combining to undermine or even destroy the EU. Back here, Jeremy Corbyn can be viewed as a spokesman for the anti EU left wing, and who could deny that the Tories here have swung to the anti-EU right?

Nicola Sturgeon’s interventions are noticed in and beyond Europe and clearly help our potential acceptance as a full EU state in our own right. Gradually, pro-EU Unionists here in Scotland will be persuaded towards a more nationalist position precisely because of Sturgeon’s welcome internationalist approach. I am sure the EU citizens still here welcome her support too.

Diehard unionists want Nicola Sturgeon to obsess about one thing alone – independence. For Sturgeon to be a respected figure on the international stage – well, that’s their worst nightmare as it clearly presages a bigger role for our little country while, at the same time, the global significance of the UK fades. I am sure sure that Nicola Sturgeon sees the poor performance of May and Corbyn in international affairs as an opportunity to showcase a competent Scottish approach. That opportunity must be taken – not only for Scottish nationalist purposes, but also because the issues are some of the most important Nicola Sturgeon will face as a politician in her lifetime.

The Unionists complain that Scottish nationalism amounts to grievance politics. Sturgeon is showing it is not that at all. She seeks cooperation and consensus in navigating the maelstrom of Brexit. Succeed or fail, she is right to try. There is a genuine grievance then if the Scottish will is frustrated again, as so often before, by the divergent path chosen by the much larger English population. The case for Scottish independence grows.

David Crines

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CONGRATULATIONS to Martin Hannan on his excellent exposure of the farcical press conference by Theresa May and her Trumpite ban on The National (Former director of firm where Theresa May hid out once funded Scots nationalist party, December 3).

The irony of her chosen factory location would l am sure have completely escaped the Scottish Office, whose main qualification seems to be a complete ignorance of all things Scots.

Not only was Roland Muirhead a highly significant figure in the movement for Scottish independence, but along with his brother Robert Franklyn Muirhead, he was a lifelong socialist and radical.

The family farm at Meiklecloak, Lochwinnoch was a regular rendezvous for itinerant socialist pioneers from William Morris to Prince Kropotkin.

Muirhead supported women’s suffrage, gave regular financial support to the Forward newspaper and supplied shoes made from the leather in his tannery for the Hunger Marchers.

His enormous correspondence, lodged but largely unpublicised in the National Library since his death in 1964, remains a unique testimony to his faith in the ultimate achievement of independence.

Black burning shame to his hireling descendants.

Michael Donnelly

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DID anyone else get the irony of Theresa May coming to Scotland to hide in a factory dealing with hide everyday?

FA Paterson