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YOU might have thought JK Rowling's lack of self-awareness had peaked amid the backlash to her Tweet on Sunday – but she's at it again.

The arch-Unionist really can't seem to see how her comments about Brexit apply to independence.

Several days ago, Rowling tweeted “[A campaign of disinformation] is being coordinated across national borders by very wealthy people in a way we haven’t really seen before.” – which was a quote from a Guardian article she was sharing.

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The article was not about her contribution to Better Together, though it could easily have been. It was about Brexit.

Rowling's lack of self-awareness continued today.

She wrote: "I swear to God I'm trying not to bang on about #Brexit but for FUCK'S SAKE, every time I come out of my writing room and look at the news some more dumbassery has been committed. THE WHOLE POINT OF DEMOCRACY IS THE FREEDOM TO CHANGE YOUR OPINION WHEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE."

Let's quote the second half of that again, just for emphasis.


Thank you, JK Rowling, for absolutely nailing the argument for Scotland holding a second independence referendum.

There is almost no greater change of circumstances than Brexit, which Rowling herself is very clearly committed to opposing.

Meanwhile, as she continues to make the case for a People's Vote, the irony of her opposition to Scotland having a fresh say on its future is ridiculous.

The author does note: "I've got no problem whatsoever with a second independence referendum. If the polling shows people want one, as is the case with the People's Vote, then it should be held."

If our Parliament backs a second independence referendum, isn't that enough? Why should polling count for all?

It's not just all this though. Rowling often uses her Twitter feed and its 14.5 million followers to raise social justice issues.

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So often, these same desires are shared by the Yes movement – and Scotland is denied the solutions as part of the Union.

Rowling can see the car crash Brexit is set to be. She can see the need for voters to have a fresh say when the circumstances change.

It's a perfect example of the Unionist mindset that she still can't understand how this applies to Scotland too.

And we've seen similar before. The Yes movement is the loudest political force in the UK in its criticism of Donald Trump – a man Rowling spends much time calling out.

Frustratingly, she can't seem to bring herself to acknowledge that fact either.

It's all about as disappointing as it is laughable.