The National:

There are a lot of things that 2018 will be remembered for. For us, it'll be the year that self-awareness finally perished.

JK Rowling nipped on to Twitter last night take a kick at the EU Leave campaign (who hasn't, if we're being honest?) but managed to make a point that was met with unbelieving stares from Yes campaigners whose memories perhaps are not so short.

Rowling stated “[A campaign of disinformation] is being coordinated across national borders by very wealthy people in a way we haven’t really seen before.” which in turn was a quote from a Guardian article she was sharing.

Except... we HAVE seen this before. Not even that long ago. 

The Jouker stands firmly in the camp that you don't get to complain about wealthy people across borders funding a campaign of disinformation when you donated £1 million to the No campaign in Scotland...

Let's not forget that during Scotland's 2014 independence referendum, it was the No campaign that branded itself as Project Fear.

It turns out that plenty of people on Twitter are on the same page as the Jouker.