WHY is it that we must look to RT, a Russian media outlet that we get for free, in order to hear what our First Minister and her Brexit minister have to say about the deal that the PM is trying to publicise?

The BBC offer on this important event shows just under 10 seconds, compared to around 40 minutes that the Russians manage. Yet we must pay for the BBC. It is not a choice, but a legal requirement.

Their coverage is an insult. The licence fee highway robbery. And the contempt for all Scots all too apparent. Time to end this charade.

Brian Kelly

IF Scotland had a real press corps, no journalist on hearing that fellow journalists had been banned from a Prime Minister’s press conference would attend such a press conference (May ‘running feart’ as she bans The National from press conference, November 28).

It remains to be seen if Scotland has a real press corps – somehow I doubt it.

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

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