The National:

CONSIDER this scenario. You are part of a Cabinet which is responsible for guiding the country through its biggest constitutional change in a generation. You are in the midst of a huge week, with the Prime Minister finally – after two and a half years of negotiations – agreeing a draft deal with the opposite side.

Today is Prime Minister’s questions, which come during two weeks of crucial debate before Parliament is expected to vote on the proposed deal. What, given that your role as Environment Secretary overlooks key industries that will be affected by said deal, should you be doing during your working hours?

Preparing for PMQs? Canvassing opinion from industry? Attending important meetings or debates? Dealing with concerns of constituents?

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How about taking an online quiz to figure out which Game of Thrones character you resemble the most?

Well the latter is exactly what Michael Gove has been doing, according to the activity on his Twitter account. And people aren’t happy about it.

The National:

The tweet, sent at 11.20am this morning left many Twitter users asking why the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) was not using his account and his time for government business.

The official account for Brexit campaign group Leave.EU tweeted: "Brexit is being sold out and one of the few so-called Brexiteers left in Cabinet is pissing about on a Game Of Thrones quiz.

"Pretty much sums up the total incompetence of this entire administration."

"Meanwhile in other news..." wrote shadow secretary for education Angela Rayner, and Conservative MP Ed Vaizey simply tweeted an exclamation mark in reaction.

"I got Tyrion Lannister!" reads the link in Gove's tweet from the online quiz Who's Your Game Of Thrones Soulmate?"

Tyrion Lannister is the diminutive younger brother in the powerful Lannister family, renowned for being a persuasive diplomat and alcoholic womaniser.

"Many have judged this storied and tortured man by his stature – but hopefully you are not one to jump to conclusions!" reads the quiz results page.

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Gove did not respond to requests for comment or questions about how he answered the quiz.

Defra declined to comment as the matter was not related to department business.

The tweet sparked conversation online about which Game Of Thrones character is most similar to Gove.

One Twitter user compared the former Vote Leave leader to the young king Joffrey: "Full of bravado and self-promotion, but missing in battle when needed."

Another tweeted: "Imagined you'd be more Littlefinger's type; manipulative, desperate for power and will stab your mates in the back to get it."

What do you think? Which Game of Thrones character most resembles the Environment Secretary?

And keep it parliamentary...