The National:

You don't expect to end up snorting with laughter whilst listening to a meeting of Holyrood's Finance and Constitution Committee - but that's what happened this morning.

While being quizzed on the EU Withdrawal draft bill, SNP MSP Mike Russell took a stand against the "false propaganda" that the only options facing the UK are Theresa May's current deal or no deal at all.

When Tory MSP Murdo Fraser pressed Russell on whether or not Theresa May's deal would be better than no deal, he replied that a no deal would be worse.

However he continued to say the current withdrawal agreement would also be better than an "alien invasion" but "the reality of the situation is that both are very bad".

Fraser then interupted to say that an alien invasion is somewhat "less likely", at which point Russell quipped back "Oh, I don't know, have you seen Jacob Rees-Mogg?".

Following the gag, the only sound in the room was Patrick Harvie giggling while the Tories sat with bemused expressions.

Shortly afterward, Tory MSP Adam Tomkins asked that parliamentarians treated one another with "respect and dignity" before pivoting to say that Mike Russell had thrown his toys out of the pram.

As always, it's one rule for the Tories and another for everyone else...