READERS might be bemused by the debates about tax that Budget time brings. Labour might not want to target the rich, but the SNP should not rely on that as an easy comparison.

For 15 years of Conservative Westminster power, 1951-64, the top rate of tax was at least 88.75%. Then Ted Heath’s government reduced it to 75%.

We should remember that the poorest people also pay VAT, so are subsiding the very rich who use the NHS or primary schools etc.

Under the Wilson/Callaghan 1974-9 Labour government the top rate of tax for earned income was increased to 83%, and for investment income to a reasonable 98%.

Even under Thatcher until 1988 the top rate of tax for both earned and investment income was 60%.

Obviously there’s plenty of money for health, housing and education, it’s just our elected politicians would rather rob our working and underemployed poor, not the very rich in Scotland.

Norman Lockhart