THERESA May on Wednesday gave one of the worst most cringeworthy speeches ever. Completely wooden, devoid of substance. Rhetorical lies thought up by second-rate advertising men.

Theresa May is a robotic, unfeeling Tory careerist. She lacks empathy and the dance to “humanise” her was thought up by failed mobile phone salesmen. Only the media thought May’s speech was anything other than horrendous.

Austerity is not over. It has caused misery for the vast majority. The Maybot’s speech was was an exercise in political degradation. It had nothing to do with the social and political issues confronting tens of millions of working people.

It was one of political reaction and political filth. It perfectly sums up the diseased political culture of the UK. Collapsing wages worse than Greece, the return of Victorian-era diseases, massive legal tax avoidance, legalised fraud, children in poverty going to school hungry, disabled people being driven to suicide. That’s the reality of Tory misrule.

The problem for the Tories is there is nothing left to loot and no-one left to lie to.

This is not a system that can be reformed. Illegality and corruption are intrinsic to the system. The multimillionaire financiers, rather than being feted as economic titans, deserve to be frog-marched to prison.

The global financial aristocracy can plunder with impunity, knowing it will be protected by a thoroughly bribed political system that it dominates. The day-to-day functioning of the capitalist financial system has assumed the form of a criminal conspiracy against the people.

Alan Hinnrichs

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WHY indyref2? Well, in the UK political conference world according to PM May, austerity will be over by Christmas, and “Chequers” will bring the EU to heel, and hold the peace in Northern Ireland. Regional FM (in waiting) Davidson concludes that the best way to stop any thoughts of Scottish independence is for a hard “Chequers” Brexit to be delivered. Meanwhile, Regional Governor Mundell attacks Johnson and supports Dugdale.

Johnson psychologically attacks PM May by being photographed running through a wheat field. Corbyn, not to be left out, refuses to pay Dugdale for her defamation defence as it’s legally “a dead duck”, which also describes “Chequers” as portrayed by Rees-Mogg.

The people of Scotland really deserve so much better than to be “governed” by this bunch of chancers and clowns.

Stephen Tingle
Greater Glasgow

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THERESA May in her speech said that the First Minister’s desire to keep Scotland in the EU would leave Scottish fishermen stuck in the Common Fisheries Policy.

What about Westminster’s betrayal of Scottish fishermen, when, under the “Adjacent Water Boundaries Order 1999”, the sea boundary between Scotland and England was stolen by Westminster, by being changed from Berwick up to beyond Arbroath? This meant that fish caught there was credited as caught in English waters while oil rigs taxation was similarly regarded.

I also don’t doubt Theresa will use Britain’s fishing quota as a bargaining chip in her Brexit negotiations, regardless of how it affects Scottish fishermen’s entitlement, especially since she has a two-year transition period to do as she likes!

Andrew D Mowatt

THERESA May’s playground ya-boo jibe at Nicola Sturgeon’s aim to remain in the single market and customs union as betrayal is to forget several points.

Scotland voted to remain. The democratic voice of Scots is being overturned by Westminster. As to a betrayal of Scots fishermen, the acceptance of the Common Fisheries Policy was a cave-in by Edward Heath.

A renegotiated policy by a future Holyrood government would not disadvantage the Scots fishing industry. Just as the SNP has had to introduce policies to minimise the effect that Tory austerity policies such as the bedroom tax have had on Scots society.Strange that Theresa May herself was a Remain supporter in 2016!!

John Edgar

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WE have now heard the final speech (PM Theresa May) from the UK party leaders to their respective conferences and consistency was the theme. Consistent in lifting the name of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP, all be it in a derogatory tone, which speaks volumes.

All three gave no future vision for Scotland as we enter Brexit, however their respective conferences were consistent on the message: “no indyref2”.

Were all three party leaders’ speech writers comparing notes?

Catriona C Clark

GOOD to see Kevin McKenna’s piece on the developments at Culloden (Drawing swords in battle to preserve Scotland’s history, October 3). I would suggest he should look at the website of the group to stop development at Culloden to get the full background to the Cairnfield development and others proposed within the greater conservation area.

I do, however, have to take exception to his use of terminology in describing the opposing forces as being Hanoverian. This is the sort of label I would expect to be used in other publications such as The Hootsman. I would hope that writers for The National would call a spade a spade and as such, given these forces were representing the British government and monarchy, describe them as being what they were: the British army.

Andy Fairgrieve
Address supplied

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