CAT Boyd produced some interesting scenarios in her article yesterday (The political reality of today is different from back in 2014, October 2). Trying to disengage the mind from all current political persuasion, ideals and thought is a pretty hard thing to do, let alone re-engage in the way she suggests when trying to solve the not so merry merry-go-round of political problems in this dysfunctional United Kingdom we live in.

Certainly, the Yes movement might gain from some form of leadership. But where is that person or persons suitable to take on tens of thousands of Yes marchers made up from lots of smaller Yes groups, and independent supporters from all other walks of life?

Personally, I believe that lead lies within the SNP leadership such as Keith Brown who, at the moment, is presumably one hundred percent in touch with what is going on at ground level and has the ear of the First Minister. He knows to a great extent what we, the foot soldiers, require of an independent Scotland. We have attended three national assemblies held around the country, and told him so.

There are plenty of ground-level activists who do positive things like leafleting, holding street stalls, door-chapping and even saltire-waving vehicle convoys around the towns and villages of this bonnie land of ours.

What we want to hear is something positive coming out of Holyrood, something to encourage us that discussion and plans are being formulated and put in place. We want to hear something about those important issues such as currency and pensions, about the income and expenditure pertaining to an independent Scotland. We forever hear that Scotland can afford independence, but show us some evidence. Show us, the convinced independenistas and the not so convinced, that yes, an independent Scotland is an affordable fact, and not just a concept.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

MAY I please reply to Donald Anderson over his lengthy tirade in response to my letter printed on Monday (Letters, October 2)?

For the fact that I seem to have offended him I apologise profusely. I never doubted any of the efforts he lists as having been made in planning the Bannockburn Rally, as the resultant event could not have been so successful and such a credit to all who took part without these, and I only wish that family problems had not prevented me from taking part.

I was aware that clearing up had been done by organisers but was informed by acquaintances in the area that further clearing had to be paid for as well. If my informants were either themselves misinformed, or even biased, I apologise for accepting their comments.

My letter had two specific purposes. Firstly to try to bring some reasonableness into the dispute, by looking for a potential excuse, on the basis of what I was told, and secondly to highlight to the small minority who could possibly tarnish the image of these marches that every single person has a personal responsibility to uphold their unblemished record. In the current case, where opposition is being faced even before the event by a body which may well look for the tiniest justification for their unjustified decision, I intended only to remind folk of this risk.

As to my interest which Mr Anderson demands to know, I am wholeheartedly against this refusal, by a publicly funded body caring for a public facility, to ban the right of the public from peaceful assembly on our own land, and would be even were I against independence. I also wholeheartedly support Gregg Brain in his letter reported yesterday. As I have always believed, he is an asset to Scotland and I only wish we had the power to retain more “immigrants” like him.

Please, Mr Anderson, do not see “enemies under every bed” – we have enough and more to be going on with!

L McGregor

WHAT an interesting can of worms has been opened by the wonderful Gregg Brain in response to Historic Environment Scotland’s ban on the independence rally in Holyrood Park.

This has the appearance of a politically motivated attempt to discourage the independence movement under the guise of a ban on anything “political”.

Taking the Declaration of Arbroath celebrations as a starting point, I look forward to HES being challenged to remain consistent by stating its opposition to a number of other political events within its historic sites, such as the Edinburgh Tattoo (which asserts the British state’s military power) and any visit by any member of the royal family (which asserts the sovereign nature of the monarchy rather than the people of Scotland).

Open a can of worms and you never know where it may lead!

Derek Ball

MUCH is being made of HES and their decision not to allow the forthcoming rally.

When this decision came to light I wrote to HES to get the reason from the horse’s mouth.

As of yet I have had no reply, of course it may be they have been inundated with letters or they have chosen to ignore them.

I wait in hope.

Bryan Auchterlonie

THANKS very much for including in the Sunday National (September 30) an item on the stars and planets visible just now in the night sky. It was great to have a request from my wife and myself taken up.

Now when folks are delivering their leaflets during the darker nights there will be plenty to know about in the heavens as we go between doors!

You’re stars!

Neil Myles