IN his address to the LibDem conference in England, Willie Rennie made the analogy that a future Scotland leaving the UK would be equally catastrophic as the UK leaving the EU.

Distorted logic indeed. The current curse the UK-Union brings to Scotland is that Scotland is marginalised. Scotland voted to remain.

So Willie Rennie’s point is that Scotland has no voice. It must take whatever the larger part of the UK determines. No rights, no veto, no equal status as promised post 2014!

We Scots have to remain subservient cottars and doff our caps to Westminster and meekly accept whatever comes out of Westminster!!

Representing a party which first advocated entry to the common market that has evolved into the EU, where all members are represented in the Council of Ministers and have a veto, it is rich to hear Willie Rennie advocating our staying in the Westminster system!

In other words the most we Scots can hope for is a modern version of “reservation-Indian existence! Scotland did not vote for the current Tory regime. It is absurd that the Liberal Democrats are neither Liberal nor Democratic when it comes to Scotland.

The LibDem branch are merely satraps of the London party to keep Scotland in the Union come what may.

John Edgar