MONDAY night’s debate about the Sewel Convention and the power grab scenario was an affront to democracy. First of all the MPs not from Scotland obviously had no interest in the debate and treated it, as they do the SNP MPs, with total disrespect. Their constant braying like the donkeys they are, their spiteful and rancorous remarks to any SNP member who spoke, showed exactly why we need, as a matter of urgency, to call indyref2 without delay.

An equal partner? A valued and loved member of their precious Union? I think not! Last night’s display should have illustrated once and for all to the citizens of Scotia that we are an irrelevance, truly a shire in the north as far as they are concerned.

The Scottish Conservatives again showed where their interests lie, and it is not for the constituents they claim to represent, as remember, not one Scottish area voted to leave the EU. Taking this argument to its natural conclusion, the Colonel’s 13 should be fighting for the whole of Scotland to remain in the EU. Did they represent their constituents? No they did not, preferring to continue in their usual “SNP Baad” mantras at the expense of having meaningful and constructive dialogue. When any of them did bother to speak, they got their facts completely wrong like referee and occasional MP for Moray Douglas Ross, who wrongly stated that the SNP were against the devolution campaign where they clearly were not. Yellow card there Douglas!

And whither the Scottish Secretary in all of this? He was sitting playing with his iPhone showing complete disregard for his position and his obligations towards the country he is supposed to represent in government.

When he was finally embarrassed into speaking by Ian Blackford, he showed the same tired disdain for the democratically elected MPs on the benches opposite, and also as usual spouted the same Tory rhetoric we have come to expect. This man stands accused of dereliction of duty and should be removed from his sinecure forthwith.

The game that May and her stooges are playing with Scotland is a very perilous one for them. They have handed the SNP several gold-plated PR gifts in the last week or so with their behaviour towards our nation, and their continued course of disregard will surely backfire spectacularly on them shortly when the majority of Scottish citizens finally wake up to what is happening.

Our next moves will be crucial in determining if indyref2 succeeds. We need to shy away from any further mud-slinging; we have made our point. Return instead to adopting the moral high ground and expose these charlatans for what they are. In a cool, calculating manner, show our citizens just what the power grab will mean to our nation in bite-sizes information. Any other course risks alienating the electorate from the cause. Continue to chip away at May and the Brexit fiasco with determination and stamina, undermining all she spouts with cold, hard facts as opposed to her fairytale nonsense.

It looks pretty certain – barring a miracle, or divine intervention – that Brexit will go through and we need to be ready to hold those responsible to account for all that befalls our country. We need to be ready to expose Davidson and her lap dogs for what they are: mealy-mouthed opportunists that have betrayed Scotland at every turn, preferring instead to try and further their own political ambitions.

That is the reality of Brexit: a nation dragged out of the EU against its will simply to satisfy the obsessions of a minority of Europhobe Conservatives.

Which side of the divide would you rather be on? Now is the time to decide.

Ade Hegney