MITIGATING measures to Scotland’s new tax system are being suggested by the Conservatives in relation to the possible impact to armed forces personnel based in Scotland.

Personnel affected are those earning in excess of £26,000 per annum – and incidentally the Conservatives make no mention of personnel earning less than this figure who will see a slight decrease to their tax bill.

This is a very interesting scenario considering those forces personnel are all in the British forces, whether based in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, and many are affected by stealth tax and other taxes applying in different parts of the UK.

For instance, in Scotland, forces personnel receive free prescriptions, eye tests, tuition fees, yet in England charges apply to all three. Are the Conservatives, in suggesting mitigating measures, prepared to turn the table and mitigate against charges imposed on forces in England?
Catriona C Clark
Banknock, Falkirk