SO, finally, after all this time, we are apparently going to be given an insight into the direction May and co are going to plunge our nation into with Brexit. We are going to be subjected to a series of speeches by the least able members of her tawdry Cabinet: Johnson, Fox and Maybe herself as the headline act!

First off, what is revealing is that Hammond and Rudd, the most notable Remainers in the Cabinet and the two most likely to have an inkling of the disaster that is looming, are missing from the roster. Significant? You bet it is, as it clearly indicates who has triumphed in the Brexit war Cabinet. The rabid Brexiteers have either threatened or bullied May into a corner where their hard Brexit is going to dominate, and this is a catastrophe, especially for Scotland!

It also shows that May has no control over this bunch of clowns, as if she had she would have dispatched them from the Cabinet. We are left now with the probability of this Tory government steering us over the edge of a very steep cliff just to satisfy these members of her decrepit party.

I find it unbelievable that May is willing to sacrifice all just to remain Prime Minister. She has never had any leadership qualities or vision beyond the narrow, blinkered dogmas of the Conservative party. She has never done any favours to Scotland and has shown contempt for our country. So whither the Colonel?

The so-called Scottish Conservative leader, come right-wing media darling, has gone to ground, as have her baker’s dozen lumps of wood. Where is your useless party now, when Scotland needs a united political front? They are in hiding along with Leonard and his equally redundant Scottish Labour party. It is a travesty and a clear breach of the Trade Descriptions Act that these parties use the word Scottish in their brand names, as it is plain for all to see that they are both just branch offices of their masters in Westminster.

It is once again left to the SNP, the Greens and maybe, possibly, Willie Rennie’s depleted LibDems to fight against all that is anathema to Scottish values, ethics and beliefs. They have to make a stand where all the rest fall quietly into line and let these reprobates ruin our land.

From farming to fishing, to industry and innovation, to the oil and gas industry, to renewables and much more, all is likely to be badly affected thanks to the Tories’ ruinous Brexit ideology. Not one of them can give you a straight answer as to why they are prepared to leave an institution which gives so much to our country to try in vain to forge a deal that will in effect be a pale imitation of the one we enjoy now. Not one of them can tell you what wonderful deals will replace those we lose.

In effect, we are being expected to act in blind faith and believe they are capable and willing to ensure Scotland is given a say and priority in negotiations.

If you believe we are being sold down the river, now is the time for us all to demand the right to hold indyref2, and maybe then we can rid ourselves of the destructive Westminster fools that are intent on ruining our nation.

Ade Hegney

IF Mr Barnier is suggesting that Northern Ireland can be treated differently, remaining in the customs union and single market, does he realise that he is interfering with the British Union, which is actually separate from the European Union and probably outwith his remit?

If he wishes to treat the separate partners of our Union by talking to the devolved powers let him do so, which means he will talk to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Of course he will be unable to talk to English devolved parties, since they do not exist.

Richard Easson