WHAT a stonkingly good article by Alistair Heather in The National (Scunnert by the Unionism in Scottish Rugby Union, The National, February 8). Whilst reading it required concentration to grasp the subtleties of the Scots language, it was worth my effort for there can be no better words to describe Scotland’s defeat by Wales at the start of the Six Nations than “blooterin”, “blown aff the bau, oot the stadium an haufway doon the street”. A majestic depiction of the match!

Alistair points out systemic weaknesses which may mean Scotland can never shake off our propensity for regular defeat in this annual tournament, especially the notion that we are simply a part of England (a la Marks and Spencer) and not a nation in our own right and therefore not really a national team. Of course it wasn’t only Greig Laidlaw who was called away from great performances by Scotland in Hong Kong, Australia etc to play for The British Lions, but also Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg, resulting in Scotland’s performance elsewhere nosediving.

Arch cynic that I am, I do wonder if Warren Gatland had his eye on the Six Nations when he called our lads away to the Lions? Quite strategic on his part. So, Warren, gonae no dae that and SRU gonae stop being the underling to The Rugby Football Union and stand up for Scotland and for our players.

Aileen Park