ALEX Beckett (Letters, Aug 21) writes about free speech on the Edinburgh Fringe, clearly referring to Graham Linehan. Mr Linehan engages in gross abuse of those he disagrees with, including those who stand up for fairness and dignity for trans people.

There is no “free speech” right to abuse others. Well done to Leith Arches for standing up for their LGBTQ customers and saying no to the abuse.

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Ironically, Mr Beckett suggests that Leith Arches’ decision is “fascistic”.

Such comparisons lack consideration for the victims of real fascism. But in any case, which is more democratic – the kind of well-argued material that readers can find on the websites and social media of the Equality Network and Scottish Trans, or Graham Linehan’s public stirring up of hate against LGBT equality campaigners by calling us nonces and paedophiles?

Tim Hopkins
Director, Equality Network