WHAT was all the pre-film hype about the latest Bond movie No Time To Die all about?

The film started off promisingly enough with exciting action sequences, then the storyline and plot got lost in a maze of labyrinthine complexity. There were periods in the film where, quite frankly, I was stifling a yawn and at a running time of 2 hours 43 minutes, I felt that the film was far too long. In fact I could hardly wait for the denouement to arrive.

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The film critic Mark Kermode, who regards Daniel Craig as the best Bond, after an encomium about the film said rather tellingly: “The film is long and the film feels long.” I certainly agree with him there. I left the cinema feeling disappointed, wishing I could get that 2 hours 43 minutes back.

One thing is for sure, Sean Connery remains the definitive Bond by a good old country mile.

Sandy Gordon