THAT’S two test missile launches in a row that have gone wrong. We’ve test fired 12 and two have gone wrong – a 16.6% failure rate. An MoD spokesman said that the test “reaffirms the effectiveness of the UK nuclear deterrent”, though I’m not sure exactly how we should interpret that remark.

The Unionist press in Scotland are remarkably quiet about this shameful farrago. Thank goodness it was only a nuclear missile test that was screwed up. Can you imagine the stooshie there would have been had it been an issue with a ferry? Lord Foulkes and his band of merrie Unionist acolytes would have been all over the media telling us why this showed the SNP were incompetent.

John McArthur

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A TEST firing of Britain’s “independent” nuclear missile system has failed for the second time in a row. Could it be that with all the defence spending cutbacks, an inferior quality of blue ignition paper has been purchased for these weapons? How can we all sleep peacefully with this knowledge?

Drew Reid